erika (deathbydignity) wrote in killah_core,


Sorry for not being active. here goes.

my nose looks huge but it isnt.
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Adorable pictures, love, but unfortunately all of the members were deleted and need to re-apply.
Please re-apply!

Krista Marie
oooo okay. sorry. see, that is what i get for not keeping up. when did this occur?
I don't really know the exact date. If you scroll down, I left a post to let everyone know.
yes, i saw it. i will post tomorrow sometime. sorry about the breaking of the rules.
oh and instead of posting a bunch of pictures again can i just link this post?
Whatever turns you on.
haha thanks.
So where the hell is the application?
eh, i'm trying. it's been a busy day. I was home earlier but for like 5 minutes. and now....i just got home again and i am tired as fuck fuck. I will have it by monday evening. count on it.