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NAME: Kaity
AGE: 17
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Mostly boys, but I don't mind the occaisional girl.
A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF: I'm strongly opinionated and willed. Very stubbron. I love most people and things and find hate and holding grudges a waste of time and energy. I'm all about having fun and being who you are and having no regrets for what you've become.

10 OR MORE BANDS: Incubus, Led Zeppelin, The Stills, Modest Mouse, Pink Floyd, Senses Fail, Guttermouth, Journey, Mars Volta, and Sparta.
5 OR MORE MOVIES: Fareignheti 9/11, American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Two Weeks Notice, and How to Deal
3 OR MORE BOOKS: Dude, Where's my Country, The Bell Jar, and nigger (purposely uncapitalized - I'm not racist, it's how the book is titled)
WHERE DO YOU SHOP: all over. I buy things wherever I find something I like. I love wet seal though,that's my favorite store. otherwise stores like charlotte russe, american eagle, pac sun, maurices, gap, hot topic, some hollister, rampage, victoria's secret, and of course thrift shops are among some stores I visit.

FAVORITE FAST FOOD PLACE OR RESTURAUNT: El Tapitos (it's a small mexican restaraunt)

GAY MARRIAGES: Love is love and love is blind, therefore you can love whomever you love. Gender (among other things) doesn't and shouldn't play a role in love.
VEGANISM/VEGINTARIANISM: It's sad that it's become a fad, but for those who are serious about it and do it for a personal reason, then that's cool. I eat chicken and fish only, which makes me some type of vegetarian but it's only because I'm allergic to beef and I don't like meat. I don't really have any other reason than that.
CASUAL SEX: Some people are okay with it, but I just think for the most part it's unsafe, especially if there is no protection. If people feel the need to degrade themselves in such a manner, or need it as a self-esteem booster, or are just plain fine with it, well then whatever. Do what you want with your body. I just feel people should respect themselves more than that.
ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH: $150 for a pair of pants is pretty outrageous. Their prices just really get to me because it's extreme and the quality isn't even worth the price, so it's just a rip-off.
HOT TOPIC: I shop there, but a lot of people find it to be too mainstream and overloaded with teeny-boppers. But, teeny-boppers are taking over everywhere, nothing's safe anymore so I say screw who else shops there - if you like it you like it.
I don't really like labels, but the people who label themself this definately do. I think it's lame that you have to catagorize everything and everyone and somehow play god like they like to do for fun.

post at least 4 clear pictures of your face. PLEASE no photoshoped or HIGH contasted pics.

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just kidding.
i dont like your nose.
sorry. wait,
im not sorry.
weird. you said yes the first time I applied.
Whatever, she's saying no now.
you know i love you.
Love is love and love is blind, therefore you can love whomever you love. Gender (among other things) doesn't and shouldn't play a role in love.

that was beautiful.
1. "Mostly boys, but I don't mind the occaisional girl." SKANK. Oh & it's occasional. It's called spell check. Use it.
2. "Very stubbron." Do you mean stubborn?
3. " Fareignheti 9/11" Seriously, what the fuck.
4. Mexican food is the worst thing to ever happen to America.
5. "Gender (among other things) doesn't and shouldn't play a role in love." Actually, Kaity, gender has and always will play a role in love. Physical appearance is always a major factor in chemistry between two people. Every human being has a basic instinct to fuck, person A is not going to look past the fact that they would never in their life want to fuck person B and fall in love with them anyway. In order for one person to fall in love with another, there needs to be physical and sexual chemistry. Although you go for the occasional girl, it's not love with you, it's just you want action and/or attention. Love is not blind, love has never been blind and it never will be until human beings are not born vain.
6. Your pictures are repulsive.
Haha, you people are horrible; I can't even believe it.
Judge on looks. Wow, cool.
You must think you're the hottest things around.

Yeah yeah, go ahead and bitch at me for not being a member or applying and what-not.

Dear my___ricochet,
Is killah_core not a rating community?
The votes are based off the entire application. The application asks for photographs of the applicant.
As for Courtney's (_guns_go___bang) vote, I was sitting at her side as she read the application. My lover found the applicant annoying and not the most intelligent of girls. When she got to her pictures, she found them very unflattering. We noticed her nose first.
Ignorant, you say? Prove it, my___ricochet. That's your opinion of us, after reading what we say about one applicant.
You're quite annoying, yourself. Running around on livejournal reading applications on rating communities and defending applicants.. Wow, I'm so impressed.
Oh & of course we think we're the hottest things around, because we are.

Krista Marie

Dear Krista Marie,
♥Courtney Jewell
Dear Courtney Jewell,
ilu more.

Krista Marie
I'm sorry. This drama is definately unneccessary but I would also like to add that I don't see how you can consider a person annoying without ever meeting them. As for me being unintelligent, a few minor typos really shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Oh & of course, you're not even attractive at all. I don't care what you have to say about my looks because I've seen pictures of you and I can't say that you are the cutest girl I've ever laid eyes on.
shut the fuck up you are a hypocritical bitch who can't take a few insults, ohh so much for not holding grudges or having fun, ohh this person called me ugly so i'm gonna regurgitate it right back on to them. krista is beautiful, you shut the fuck up you know absolutely nothing, with this post, you have earned yourself a spot in my "jesus christ what a dumb and ugly bitch archives".

oh and it's ugly as in both the inside and outside.
I clearly stated that after reading your application, we found you, as an applicant, annoying and unintelligent.
Wow, I find your maturity so astounding. Using a phrase I used followed by an insult, clever.
I also highly doubt you've seen any photographs of me, unless you're community-stalking me. I haven't posted any in this community, and my livejournal is friends only. Even if you have, could you honestly look in the mirror and consider yourself to be better-looking than me?
You're fat. Get off the internet and go to your nearest cosmetic surgeon. Ask for a rhinoplasty and liposuction.
P.S. Oh & go to your local orthodontist and take care of that underbite.
actually that's where you're wrong. I don't have an underbite. You can say whatever you want about me opinion-wise in relation to my looks, but my bite is something that truly does not have a problem.

and I like how you rip on my maturity but you don't stop this either. This is stupid internet drama. You don't know me and I don't know you and the fact that we can exchange such words of anger and hate is pretty pathetic. This is going to seem weak and super-ultra lame, but I'm sorry for the comments I made earlier. None of this matters and it's stupid we've just wasted time doing this.
gee-golly-gosh! i love this drama!
only cause i don't like your taste in books, except nigger i want to read that so bad. and your taste in music. it's sad really. you look fake, you come off as fake. i looke at you and i see a cute girl, with a fake facade.
this is super-ultra-lame.